Feel fantastic


Collagen & Reflexology

  • Nourishes, hydrates and protects skin. Recovers lost collagen and maintains elastin.
  • Restores skin from damaging sun effects. Improves texture, conceals wrinkles, age spots, acne marks, folds and depressions.
30 min. $30

Pure Clay Facial

  • A perfect health ally that detoxifies and provides oxygen to the skin.
  • Removes pimples and blackheads.
30 min. $30

All Natural Cocoa Facial

  • Moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment that detoxifies and removes dead skin cells.
  • Remineralizes enzymatic metabolism and has anticancer properties.
30 min. $30

All Natural Coffee & Honey Facial

30 min. $30

All Natural Oat & Honey Facial

  • Helps moisturize the skin and reduces itchy conditions such as eczema, rash and insect bites. 
  • The facial is hypoallergenic, contains antioxidants, and has antimicrobial properties.
30 min. $30

Natural Aloe Vera & Collagen Facial

  • Penetrates the deepest layer of skin to hydrate and repair cells and tissues.
  • Calms skin burns while cleaning and regenerating the cellular system.
30 min. $35

*Couples Special* Facial & Massage Combo

  • Your choice of 30 minute facials.
  • Relaxing massages that include reflexology and aromatherapy.
  • Complimentary fruit smoothie upon arrival.
2 ppl. 90 min. $175 *cash only

Deep Cleaning Facial 

  • Includes blackhead removal and herbal steam.
30 min. $35