About The Owner

About The Owner

It is with so much joy that I invite you to your temple, Spa Maya. Every single one of us is responsible for our bodies.

As a little girl growing up in Honduras, I connected strongly with the principles taught by my Herbalist grandmother, Felipa. People would come from all over to visit her and receive natural remedies such as reflexology and stomach, foot, and head massages. During her practices, she would use aromatic herbs that were locally harvested. I spent my youth beside my grandmother.

Always beside my grandmother, I soaked up her wisdom and in doing so I discovered my love of learning and helping others.  A lot of help was needed in my home since I had 7 siblings! The time I spent with my grandmother helped me put into practice which was ultimately my destiny, to help others improve their health and wellbeing.

In the 90’s, during a time of self-exploration spent between Honduras and Guatemala, I found my true inner calling for health. I had the opportunity to meet wise shamans who inspired me to practice holistic massage, meditation, yoga, and Thai massage.

Over the years, I have continued my learning of the human anatomy during my travels throughout Central America, Cuba, Italy, and many more countries, but in the end, I decided to return to Costa Rica. This beautiful country where I currently reside, enchanted my soul and inspired me to create my own temple, Spa Maya.

During the past fourteen years, I have had Spa Maya. I have met incredible people from all over the world while simultaneously continuing my learning with wise people from all over the world. While simultaneously receiving my yoga teacher certification and receiving my Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy Healing degree from world-renowned teachers.

I absolutely love nature and diving in the paradisiac waters of Honduras, yoga, meditation, and extreme sports like mountain biking. I also enjoy reading, gardening, visiting my family and eating homemade corn tortillas and beans cooked over a fire stove. My goal in this life is to share the joy for life that I feel and help those around me find peace, healing, and deep relaxation through Spa Maya.

From the comfort of the Temple Spa Maya, Namaste.

We offer at-home services throughout Guanacaste