Body Treatments

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Body Treatments

Cleopatra Body Treatment with Aromatherapy

  • Used by the Egyptian goddesses, a mixture of 100% pure honey and oat milk, among other nutrient-rich ingredients, is poured over the body during a gentle massage that drains toxins.
  • The therapy is regenerative, moisturizing, toning, and combats aging and improves skin elasticity.
40 min. $45

All Natural Exfoliating Treatment with clay

  • Direct from volcanoes of Costa Rica, 100% pure clay is used in this soothing body treatment.
  • We recommend it to reduce inflammation, and its antiseptic properties will stimulate the immune, circulatory, and lymphatic systems. Includes a mini neck or hand massage. 
30 min. $40

Sea Salt Scrub

  • Increases reproductive and digestive organ’s blood flow using Himalayan salt.
  • Helps to reduce fluid retention, stimulate blood flow, and soften the skin.
40 min. $45

Therapeutic Sea Salt Bath

  • Relax in a bathtub of Himalayan sea salt, therapeutic oils, and enjoy herbal aromatherapy.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine, lemonade with ginger, or herbal tea.
  • After a cold shower, you will pass to the massage room where the subtle sounds of sacred instruments make you feel at peace.
  • The hot water with sea salt will make your pores open and release toxins, helping muscles relax and reduce inflammation and stress. 
60 min. $80

Bitter Herb Spiritual Bath

  • Cleans your chakras.
30 min. $40

All taxes are included. Cash and credit card accepted. 

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