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Massage and Powerful Tibetan Bowl, clean your Chakras

  • Custom massage.
  • Techniques developed at the time of this healing and unique therapy, according to every person´s needs. 
  • We create the Sound-Therapy to unblock Chakras and to clean your Aura in the midst of a Healing Atmosphere. 
  • Highly recommended by the Owner and Servant of Spa Maya. 
60 min. $80 // 90 min. $110

Lomi Lomi Relaxing Massage

  • The Lomi Lomi has its origin in the ancient Hawaiian healers from more than 4,000 years ago. The technique of Lomi Lomi focuses on the search for congested areas in the body and disperses energy, moving the palms, thumbs, knuckles, and forearms with rhythmic movements.
  • The therapist works with the forearms creating shock waves on the body that are both relaxing and 100% professional.
  • Benefits 
    • Combats stress 
    • Relaxes the muscles
    • Relieves pain
    • Fights against depression
    • Rebalance the digestive system
    • Improves the respiratory system
    • Renews energy
60 MIN. $70 // 90 MIN. $85

Bamboo Massage

  • Alternative therapy for muscle relaxation helps the lymphatic system. Sedative effect on nerve endings.
  • Improves blood flow and cellulite. Fight fatigue.
60 min. $65

Cupping Treatment

  • Increases blood flow, relieves pain, increases drainage of the lymphatic system removes toxins from the blood. The increased oxygen helps fight cellulite and back pain.
  • The anti-inflammatory and analgesic benefits also help hypertension and rheumatic diseases, among other ailments.
40 min. $50

Pregnancy Massage with Tibetan Bowl Singing

  • Recommended for pregnant women at least four months along. Increased oxygen flow provides excellent benefits for you and the baby.
  • The massage is an excellent ally against insomnia during pregnancy, helps circulation, balances the emotional state, and regulates digestion. 
60 min. $65

Therapy hot stone massage

  • Relieves muscle aches and stimulates the metabolism.
  • The volcanic origin of the products creates remarkable benefits and improvement in circulation throughout the body while eliminating toxins from the body.
60 min. $70 // 90 min. $85

Stomach Reflexology

  • Deep and slow movements.
  • Increases blood flow in the reproductive and digestive organs.
  • Slow and deep movements.
  • Increases blood flow in the reproductive and digestive organs.
  • Reduces throat pain, gastroesophageal reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers, and helps to speed up digestion.
20 min. $25

Shiatsu Massage

  • Shiatsu means “finger pressure” and is very effective for the following:
    • Back problems, including sciatica
    • Cervical problems
    • Insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress
    • Headaches and migraines
    • Joint pain
    • Increases physical and mental performance
    • Chronic gastrointestinal disorders
    • Psychosomatic disorders
    • Period cramps and premenstrual syndrome
60 min. $50 // 90 min. $65

Relaxing massage

  • Promotes blood flow throughout the body.
  • In addition to the release of tension, this massage helps reduce back pain decreases stress levels.
60 min. $65 // 90 min. $90

Natural Heat Therapy with Herbs

  • First, relax in a bathtub of specific mixed herbs used by the Mayans with aromatherapy candles and the sounds of relaxation surround you.
  • Enjoy an herbal tea, a glass of wine, or a ginger lemonade before going to the massage room, where you will receive head, neck and shoulder reflexology.
  • You have the option of foot reflexology instead of the head, neck and shoulder reflexology.
60 min. $65

Deep tissue massage

  • Useful to treat chronic muscular problems such as tightness and tension.
60 min. $75 // 90 min. $100

Cranial, Facial, & Shoulder Massage

  • This massage is inspired by traditional Japanese medicine and is recommended for those who suffer from headaches or migraines, or neck, eye, or throat pain.
30 min. $35

Foot Reflexology

  • Foot reflexology produces a relaxing effect that helps eliminate stress and facilitates physical and mental relaxation
  • It stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Boosts the immune system and the body’s self-healing potential
  • Regulates the functioning of body organs
  • Balances and restores energy levels
  • It helps to eliminate toxins
  • It has preventive therapy effects
  • It has an anti-allergic effect (relieves pain)
  • It is allowed for adolescents, children, and the elderly
30 min. $35

Tired Leg Massage

  • A circulatory massage technique works to activate blood flow and the lymphatic system.
  • The technique mobilizes circulation and helps alleviate pain in nerve endings and alleviate swelling. 
30 min. $35

Ancestral Technique Thai Massage & Gong Bath

  • This massage uses ancestral yoga stretching techniques and deep pressure shiatsu. The massage improves flexibility, relaxes sore muscles, relieves tension, regulates the activity of the glands, and regulates moods.
  • These techniques are performed on a futon on the ground. The massage also harmonizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit and relieves joint pain, headaches, back pain, sciatica, insomnia, and hernias.
60 min. $75 // 90 min. $100 includes Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, and aromatherapy

Hand Reflexology

  •  In addition to working on the recovery of specific parts of the body, hand reflexology also solves problems of stress, fatigue, and insomnia given its relaxing powers. It is also an important aid in the prevention of disorders if performed regularly and with a therapist who knows the patient’s history.
20 min. $25

All taxes are included. Cash and credit card accepted. 

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