Tibetan Bowl Singing

Sonotherapy session

Owner of Spa Maya, Maya, has studied with the Honorable Master Rmji Singh at the international level and has received her Sonotherapy Certification. Spa Maya offers individual and collective healing sessions with Tibetan bowls which can be done in a setting facing the sea, in the middle of the jungle, in the comfort of your home, at events, in small and large group sessions throughout Guanacaste, Costa Rica and in our yoga and spa healing studio. A session of Tibetan Bowls (cuencoterapia) is a fusion of ancestral techniques of the Himalayas and modern tools of self-knowledge that seek to transform situations in our lives for all ages recognized by health ministry with success. The sounds of the bowl in therapy make the patient's brain in a state of calm as it helps to emit alpha waves, which is why the body becomes totally relaxed and the person feels well.
Tibetan Bowl Singing helps with the following: - States of depression and anguish - Muscle contractures - Psychological imbalances - Stress and anxiety - Vision problems - Headaches - Moods - Increase immunity - Mental and emotional stability - Increase self-confidence - Controls the states of insomnia and hyperactivity - Balance of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body
Tibetan Bowl Singing also helps with finding an internal space for from calm and healing, develop self-knowledge and self-motivation, awaken the energy of action for change and transform your life quickly and practically. When starting therapy with bowls, it is important to know what the purpose is and what you want to work on (emotional, physical, mental or spiritual aspects)


Tibetan Bowl Singing Therapy


The sacred Tibetan bowls have seven metals plus other sound instruments that are used in alternative medicine and have proven pseudoscientific fundamentals for endless benefits through relaxing, subtle sounds.

The therapy reduces stress, depression, insomnia, migraines, and anxiety while balancing the chakras and increasing blood flow. The treatment is freeing and allows you to explore every cell in your body while you are in a deep state of peace.

It is recommended for pregnant women, those with high-stress levels, down syndrome, and even patients who are in a coma. The treatment elevates energy and increases circulation, promising a state of peace that is recommended for any families and people of all ages. 

* 30 minutes for one person $35

  * 30 minutes for a couple $55     

                 * 30 minutes for groups minimum of 8 to 10 people $20 p.p             

* Ask about our prices for bigger groups


Gong Bath and Kapalabhati Pranayama Conscious Breathing

* 20 minutes Gong Bath and 10 minutes Kapalabhati Pranayama Conscious Breathing. $40 p.p

Gong Bath 

* 20 minutes for one person $25

Calm and harmonious on your breathing, lying on the ground, it starts the powerful sound of Gong.

The benefits of Gong are: wellness in your body and in your mind, it channels and increases mental strength and productivity, improves memory and cognitive skills, improves the immune response of the body, eliminates toxins, reduces stress and anxiety, helps to harmonize your emotions and provides deep relaxation.

The benefits of Kapalabhati Pranayama are: revitalize your energy and purifies your body, clears the respiratory system, stimulates the metabolism, provides the oxygen that your body needs to function properly and produce energy.         

We offer at-home services throughout Guanacaste