Special Offers

Special Offers

(All of our offers are cash only)

Mother´s Day Special

Deep meditation and sonotherapy. Come and submerge yourself in a healing journey, mind, body and spirit, through the vibes of the Tibetan Bowl Singing. Highly recommended by Maya. 60 minutes $40 (Save $30)

Special Packages

60 minutes relaxing couple massage, aromatherapy with essencial oils and dried herbs incense $120. (Save $20)

Eco Yoga Mats For Rent

Eco Yoga Mats made from Rubber Tree that are 61 x 83 cm (24 x 72 inches) and have a 4mm thickness. $3

Home & Hotel Service

Receive our spa services in the comfort of your home or hotel room! Available for all services throughout Guanacaste. Cash only.

We offer at-home services throughout Guanacaste