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Omenlove Elizabeth P.

The Best Healing Sound Therapy I ever had🙏❤️🙏 Maya is a true healer, She has healing hands🤲 and open heart❤️ in her practice that made you feel relaxed and blessed at the same time🙏
I felt floating in the air after she finished my treatment.🙏❤️🙏

Polly S
"Maya did a sound bath for our group and it was an incredible experience. It will transport you to a peaceful place, at one point I felt I was floating in a warm ocean, really quite extraordinary. I would go every day if I could, and I wish we'd had the time to try some of her other services".
Booked 90 minute massages for myself and my boyfriend to start off our trip to Costa Rica. It was one of the best full body massages I’ve had. The sonotherapy is a nice added bonus. The location is not far from Tamarindo and you can hear the sounds of the jungle during the massage. The owner is a master of her craft and wants you to leave in a more relaxed state then you came, and we did!!"
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