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Yoga Classes

Generally, yoga teachers feel a calling and we have a strong conviction for what we do. That dharma and duty to transmit our passion for yoga is what brings us joy to show others the way. We thank our teachers and guides for their teachings.

Our goal is to help all of our yoga students in a personalized and balanced way.


7 am to 8 am
Yoga for Seniors

8:15 am to 9:15 am 
Hatha Yoga
5 pm to 6 pm
Deep Meditation in Savasana & Gong Bath
Pranayama & Yoga
8 am to 9 am
Yoga Alignment & Stretching
4 pm to 5 pm 
Tibetan Sound Bath Meditation & Outdoor Campfire
5:20 pm to 6:30 pm 


Yoga for Seniors
The concern for our health increases when we are very sedentary because as we age more physical ailments can appear. This special yoga helps symptoms related to stress and the inability to sleep. The class consists of performing simple movements and positions as well as the application of breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques.

The benefits of Senior Yoga include: full body flexibility, arthritis and joint pain, back pain, improved breathing and blood circulation, improved vision, increased muscle mass, relief of internal chronic pain and tension, core stability

Personalized Yoga For Adults
During this class, we use therapeutic techniques to balance the body and mind. 

Holistic Yoga with Tibetan Bowl Singing
Join us for yoga, Tibetan bowl singing, and the harnessing of the relaxational power of other instruments. Great for beginners. 

Hatha Yoga

Yoga Nidra
Helps to reduce stress and open the heart

Vinyasa flow 

Holistic yoga with aromatherapy and gong bath

Maya style release of negative energy through dance and meditation
This class increases body awareness through dance along with basic conscious pranayama breathing techniques. The floor exercises will include toning, coordination of breath flow and stretching. Exercises that enhance psychophysical harmony (hatha yoga techniques, postural reeducation, rhythm. You will memorize small choreographic sequences which resolve the psychophysical mechanisms in each action. The class helps to strengthen self-esteem through the internalization of the movement by using the mirror to help build a positive image of ourselves and recover our capacity to wonder.

Group Dance
Group dance helps to prevent the appearance stiffness by increasing flexibility, circulation of the lymphatic system and blood flow.  During the class, we use Tibetan bowl singing or another relaxing instrument if you are outdoors in nature. 



1 class $12

    Ask about pricing for our private yoga at the beach or mountain



Come together with love and peace for star constellation and full moon spiritual retreats. Can take place on the beach, forest, oceanview, bonfires. Inquire for pricing.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available in our spa, the forest, on the beach or in your home. Inquire for details.

Classes are offered on the beach or at-home – inquire about the price. 3 person minimum. 


We offer at-home services throughout Guanacaste

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